What time is it in Ukraine?

What time is it in Ukraine

With images and news footage of Ukraine broadcast at every turn I can’t help but reflect on my 2 ½ years serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ukraine (1998-2000). Here is a story of how living in Central, Eastern and Western Ukraine taught me how divided the country was back then and unfortunately still is today.

Palm Springs Long Weekend

Palm Springs Intro

Palm Springs is a foray into mid-century opulence, pool lounges, cocktails shaken and stirred and a sun-kissed oasis in an otherwise lunar like mountain range.  It’s a sophisticated laid back modern vibe of a town in a perfectly situated spot. Date: November 2013 day light savings makes the sun go behind the San Jacinto Mountains […]

What’s Included

We’ve been Trip Consultants for over a decade and understand the time needed to execute a concise, well thought out travel itinerary outline.  Our expertise is in matching our experiences and resources with your travel needs. We spend the upfront time getting to know your particular interests and travel style so we can give you […]

What is the cost

After our initial free consultation we charge an hourly rate of $60/ hour for our Consulting Level, with a 1 hour minimum.  It varies depending on your destination and your specific needs, but generally our average rate is $120 for a 5-day itinerary traveling to two cities and $300 for a 10-day itinerary that goes […]

Booking our Services

We’ll answer your travel questions, build a base itinerary and help get your complex trip into a clear tailored itinerary focused on your interests, time constraints and budget.  It is important to note that we are not a travel agency.  As travel consultants we do not book your trip for you, we don’t get commission […]

Initial Consultation

As soon as we connect, we’ll start reviewing your dream trip: when you’re going, your interests, your preferred pace and any must-see bucket list items to plan around.  We can do this first consultation by phone, email or skype.  It’s up to you and your schedule.  We set this as a 10 minute overview so […]

How to Get Started

First we need to know a bit about you and your travel objectives. Feel free to email us or fill out our secure online request form and the global ball will start rolling.  Let us know where you are with your travel planning and what roadblocks you need help hurdling.  There is no obligation for […]

Small Group Tours

Small Group Tours Get in step with the rhythm of the seasons on our ItinEscapes cultural tours.  We define cultural as a way to get up close and personal to the region, meet the locals, taste the specialties of the region, celebrate in festivals that express the history of the place. Our 7 to 14-day […]

Sample Questions

Guidance on your overall itinerary based on your needs and interest; are you seeing everything you want to out of your destination, is your itinerary too overloaded, how long is best to spend in each place? Recommendations based on your interests; hotels, restaurants, museums and local guides. Focus on each day of your itinerary to […]