Our Travel Philosophy

What compels us to leave home and travel to other places?

To leave our certainties at home and see everything in a different light.  We live a simpler life when traveling by living with only the items we brought.  When we travel we stay up a little later, we are more apt to trust the stranger on the street and we amazingly find time to watch the sunset.  We become giddy when seeing a cow in Switzerland and a Baskin Robbins in Ukraine is somehow a novelty.  Travel is a heightened state of awareness, in ourselves and in our surroundings.

It takes a lot of work to plan out an itinerary.

It is very easy to get bogged down with all the information that is available when researching for your trip.  Internet sites link to other sites and hours can pass in a flash.  Reading reviews, following blogs, seeking out guidebooks, figuring out each day of the journey.  It’s enough to make you need that vacation.

Let Itinerest create an itinerary that allows you to focus on soaking up the essence of your destination.

The Itinerest format is to provide you with a clear daily itinerary, listing great suggestions for your day.  Our goal is to give you the time to focus on your surroundings on your trip rather than worrying about all the details.  All pins on an Itinerest itinerary are researched and acutely thought out with timings in mind so you have a road map of your day.  But there always comes a time to sway off of the road ahead to get that perfect photo, or just sleep in that day.  That’s what makes the Itinerest itinerary planning so wonderful, it becomes a fluid road map of possibilities of what you could do in the day but you are not tied to it.

History of Itinerary Planning

Itinerest was born after 12 years of tour operations and guiding for Cruise West, MIR Corporation and Rick Steves.  We also have been creating our own itineraries for travel throughout the United States, Europe, Russia, South America and Southeast Asia.  It was a natural transition to help others with their specific travel requests and create tailored itineraries for them.

Independent of whether the travel planning was for a tour company, ourselves or friends, it was clear that the formula was the same: create travel efficiency by minimize the research once we were at our destination giving us more time to take in our surroundings + list multiple suggestions and ideas to choose from throughout the day within our location = creating a perfect itinerary with room for exploration.